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Well hello there!

I'm Hijinks, the company mascot!

At Iridescence, be prepared to be taken on a

visually charged journey back into the

retro world of Petz, sprinkled with a helping paw of modern glam and garnished with a spark of wonderfully unique.

We're a Petz 4 and 5 enterprise, so no matter what version you play, you'll be able to enjoy all of Iridescence's services.

Don't forget to check back often, as new

things are bound to debut in the future!





3/3/2021 -  


Wow! Hi! It's been.. some time huh? It's been a bit hectic since I last updated and I think I was last active sometime around October of last year at least via Discord. Long story short, the proverbial shiz hit the fan in my life and everything went to heckie and petz had to be put on the backburner for some time. And then I found Red Dead Online in January and have been a rootin' tootin' cowgal ever since.


Still, I had a few requests in the backlog and since I hate leaving things unfinished, I recently tried to launch my Petz 5 to start on them. But it seems over the course of however many months of not having been used, something happened to the game, and now it's not working right. Images are glitchy, all my petz have NO linez whatsoever and even with a lot of messing around and reinstalling, it won't fix!


I'm not sure if I'll ever try to fix the game again, since it took a lot of time and trial and error to get both catz and dogz installed together and working correctly. Of course, Petz 4 still works somewhat but acts like I'm starting the game for the first time, every time even with Petza installed. :c It's frustrating and I don't have the energy to mess with any of it right now.

So - As of right now, I am on hiatus and I will not be able to hex anything for the time being. I will however leave the site up and try to update it because I DID have a wonderful time hexing and trading when I was active, and as a result, adopted some amazing hexies from other players!


I'm sorry to everyone that I dipped on and to anyone who sent in a hex request. If I do ever manage to get one of the games fixed, I will be back at it again and will fulfill any requests I had.


Thank you all for being so supportive and thank you especially to the Petzcord community, where I met a lot of awesome folks who love Petz as much as I do.


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